Basic Painting Tools

Arts is defined as an infinite subdivision of our culture, and is composed of many artforms which are usually united by employment of human creative desire. Painting is one mode of creative expression and also one form of art that describes both act and result of any action that is used as a common trade among many builders and craftsmen as well.

As a painter there are different mediums to work with and choosing one is frequently based on the effect that the artist wants to accomplish. Painting could be sometimes a hard craft to learn but it would easy if the right painting tips are followed and techniques are applied properly. You can work with watercolor, pastel, and colored pencil to advance your art.

When you prefer to work with watercolor for your painting it can be an addictive pastime of many artists since watercolor is not a medium that needs to be conquered and mastered. The effects and impulsive behavior of any different pigments are what makes watercolor interesting; if you love to experiment and discover things it would be exciting. Watercolors engage only thin and transparent washes of pigment where you can open up to huge and new range of possibilities. You just need to have 1” flat brush – long bristles are best, 1 sheet of paper, either cotman or bockingford cut into 8″, old towel to cover your table, pencil, masking tape,  a piece of cardboard, and white plastic tape. Buy materials which best you can afford since as a starting hobby painting doesn’t need to be expensive.

Pastel is one unique painting medium and pure pigment used in making fine arts paints since the colors are mixed in paper by overlaying. There are many brands and qualities in the market and it is a widely valued art form in its own right. There are three basic types you need to know, pastel pencils, oil pastels and soft/hard pastels that are usually common. As drawing tools, you don’t need drying time and can be equally used and effectively for impressionist artworks or a very sketchy composition.

Using a coloring pencil is useful in your drawing activities. It is a good scheme when you spend time exploring the colored pencil medium and its pieces before trying other major drawing works.   Sharp colored pencils and good quality drawing paper is best to start with.   Remember to practice all strokes, shading, hatching, and the basics of color pencils. If you have time search the internet that would give you more information about painting using a colored pencil.

When you give more effort about something you become good with it, sometimes there are a few things to be considered to be a good painter.

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